21 Day Fast – Day 10

How is everyone doing on there fast? Today is day 10 of our 21 day, and the second day of our meditations in Experiencing God. Tomorrow night we have our second prayer meeting.

I began fasting back in the 90’s and was often amazed at how God’s grace would “carry” me through the time of fasting. Yet I would be disappointed more often than not in the results of what I was seeking God for in prayer. If God awarded gold medals for effort I would have a wall full. I’ve been on 40, 30, and 20 day fasts only to suffer disappointment after disappointment. But not this time. This time I combined several aspects into seeking God. And my belief is that as a result of my being called by God to seek Him through this fast, having no other ulterior motives other than to get closer to Him – that He is drawing near to me. I’ve combined praise, thanksgiving, holiness (turning the media slime off), prolonged prayer, and the pure pursuit of simply wanting to be near Him. And He is drawing me into His loving embrace. This morning I awoke at 1:30 and He began answering questions I had been praying about. It took me a while to make the connection but I realized God was working and wanted me to come join Him. When I made that connection from John 5:19: “Jesus gave them this answer: I tell you the truth the Son can do nothing by Himself. He can do only what He sees His Father doing. Because whatever the Father does the Son also does.” – I rolled out of bed and headed to my “prayer tent.” (I have a chair in my study that I like to kneel in front of and pray. But I’ve added a new twist. I’ve been taking a blanket, draping it over it’s back, sliding underneath, and climbing into my “tent.” it takes me back to my childhood when my sister and I made “forts” out of blankets and chairs.)

Under my “tent of meeting” God has told me so many things, and has been so good to me. With each passing day of the fast the commitment level intensifies – the bar being raised higher. But His grace empowers me to do things I can’t do in the flesh. And by that grace His eagles “will mount up” higher and higher.

Are you hearing the call? “Come up here?” Set yourself up a “tent of meeting.” Moses and David did. The friends of God have tents of meeting. You want to be a friend of God?